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Let’s Create Your Dream Website Together! I’m more interested in seeing you’re website flourish and thrive, rather than getting a “job” done.

Pages Recently Designed

Designed from scratch. I also took time to write and research the copy for each business.

cappage (Custom)

Gutter Cleaning Capture page

Capture page for Gutter Cleaning services. Ideally for ppc, designed to get visitor’s contact info to get into an email sequence or call. All info are above the fold. Mobile optimized, too. Offer is for a free inspection, with 20% off on the service.

Plumbing Services Capture page

A capture page for gathering leads for a plumbing company. Designed to get the visitor’s details to be able to follow-up on a call or email. All info are above the fold. A brief intro, bullet ed USP, a testimonial slider for social proof, arrows pointing to the optin form. Form asks only 3 fields up front, then the rest on the remaining steps. 

Pressure Washing Company

Pressure washing website design for a company in Ohio. Offering power wash and soft wash service for residential and commercial properties. Has a “step” inquiry form for clients to get estimated cost of the service. Popup google maps and contact forms so you don’t load another page.

Solar Installer

Solus – Solar Installation. Landing page for a company offering solar installations. Conveys why one should go solar and why choose Solus to be their partner.

Air Conditioning Company

Air conditioning repairs and fixes company. Situated in Orlando. Designed with SEO headline, contact info at the top, with review ratings.

Coaching - The Aligned Mom

A coahcing landing page for a mom entrepreneur offering her 1 on 1 coaching service.

Virtual Assistant Finder

Assista – a virtual assistant matchmaking service. They’ll find or match business owners who are too busy or overwhelmed with the process a virtual assistant that’s tailored to their needs.

Digital Agency

A digital marketing agency team focused on delivering results for clients. They offer seo, advertising, and web design services.

Social Media Specialist

Freelance social media specialist offering content creation, graphics and consulting. When the visitor visits the site, we want them to book a call.

Life Coach

A life coach for overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. The offers are a free 30 min call or an extensive weekly coaching program.


Wordpress Site Design

Making sites not only functional, but make them stand out from the rest, visually. Do the images complement the written copy? How do color schemes, icons, images, site structure and layout affect the visual clarity of your page?

Wordpress Site Development

From design, to deployment. Your site is now live. How does it function? Is the tech part of your funnel functioning properly? Is it ready to receive visitors and customers and sales? How is wordpress better than the others?


Even though I spend a lot of time on design, I highly value copy or the written words on your pages. Does the page speak or convey the message you want? Does it make the visitor put their email on the form? Does the page have a natural flow that converts the visitor into a potential buyer or subscriber?

Digital Marketing

Encompassing everything that involves how you attract people to you or your offer and put them in your customer funnel.

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