While I may not have a formal education in web development and design, I’ve always had a strong interest in these fields and have taught myself a lot through self-study. I like to think I have a good balance of technical and creative skills, and I’m always striving to learn and improve in order to provide the best possible results.

I’ve launched my fair share of websites and sales pages before, complete with all the marketing funnel goodness. Unbeknownst to me that time, I was catering to the internet marketing niche, where I learned all about copywriting, conversion optimization, and funnels. Basically, I’ve got to self-learn all the know-how to being a digital marketer while learning the technical things also.

  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing


Even though I design, I still value copywriting a lot. I wrote the copy of all the products I’ve sold. Below links to archived pages of products I’ve  sold. 

Here’s the full sales page of WP Spire – a “page builder” if you will, back in 2011 where the goal was to be able create unique sales page and squeeze page designs in wordpress. This was back when page builders weren’t that popular and mainstream, especially in the internet marketing niche.

Here’s the full sales page of IM Template Supreme – html sales page templates I sold before wordpress.

Here’s the full sales page of Karbon Squeeze Page- html squeeze page templates. Designed to be eye-catchy or attention grabbing

Here’s the full sales page of WP Link Tracker – a wordpress plugin that renames and tracks clicks, amongst others. This had a dynamic subid feature.

Other than this, I’ve had my fair share of building squeeze pages (because I use my products). Also did a bit of FB ads.

Web Design

Aside from the above, please see the front page of designs I’ve created in wordpress.


Do I love wordpress? Maybe 😉. I did create a page builder, packed with predesigned templates before. I also created wordpress plugins before where I hired some coders. 

The customizability and tweakability of wordpress is something I still love to this day. I even mentioned this on my sales page… back in 2011!

Digital Marketing

Landing page, squeeze page, sales pages, affiliate marketing, funnels, copywriting, emails, autoresponder, etc. Being on the internet marketing niche before, and having personally launched products, these are just some of the aspects digital marketing I needed to learn and apply in my journey.


I created some video tutorials for my products before, especially it being technical.

I’ve also tried FB ads before and had to create (and shoot!) the video ad (shown below) myself.