GET Your Social Media Content Crafted By A Specialist

... in as little as 3 days

Let me craft your social media content and watch sales increase engagement on your social media channels!


3 Years Experience

I'm Miranda

...and I'll be your social media marketing specialist!

I’ve helped other businesses get more exposure and grow their audience on social media.


I've helped brands grow and stand out on social media

I understand the potential that social media has to a company’s growth, and I’m there to help you get the most out of it. Here’s what I can do for you:

Be your social media manager

I take pride in my work and I value each client business. Your social platforms will experience growth and audience engagement like never before.

Graphics Creation

I'll create stunning eye catchy graphics for your social platforms that attracts clicks and views.


Have you tried social media but are not getting any results? Let me help you! There may be strategies that you may not have discovered yet.

How It Works

If you decide to work with me, we’ll first have a short discovery call. After we have a discovery call, I’ll get straight to work so I can send you your first batch of content in as little as 3 days.

Step 1

Discovery Call

I'll hop in on a quick discovery call with you to know what you and your business is about and what you want to achieve.

Step 2

Research and Planning

After the call, I'll get to work and research your industry and your target audience.

Step 3

Crafting The Content

I'll start to craft your content, write the copy or create the graphics.

Step 4


After doing graphics and design, I'll either start posting or schedule your content (depending on what you hired me for).

Why Invest In Me

Helping brands stand out through organic growth and marketing strategies is my passion. If you invest in I’ll make sure:

You Get Better Leads and Increase Sales

Through well researched marketing plan, you get more targeted leads which leads to an increase in sales.

Your Brand Stands Out

Gain authority and credibility because of a well designed social media profile.

You'll Have A Better Brand Profile

Your customers will see your brand in a positive way through our proven strategies.


I have 3 years of social media marketing experience, BUT...

That’s nothing unless I have solid proof of what I’m talking about! So here’s some of what my lovely clients has to say about me and my work

My instagram profile looked very plain and boring. Working with Miranda was a total game changer!
Cynthia A
UI Designer
Miranda was fantastic. Absolutely love my instagram right now. Very quick delivery and the process was smooth.
Lena C.
Recruitment Officer
She was always very reliable and very communicative to get what I wanted out of my social media.
Steven S.
Digital Agency


I'd love to tell you more, let's schedule a time to meet over a call?

I know that you’re probably overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make in order to run your business, so I’ll be here whenever you need me. Let’s talk about how we can make this happen!

Are we a good fit?

I the value my work and I value the people I work with.  I want to build a relationship with you. If you feel you didn’t receive the value of what you paid for, I’ll refund your money. But that rarely (if at all) happens. 

The best way to see if we’re a good business fit is to get on a free call with me! Then we’ll start to see if we’ll be a good match to start and grow your business.

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