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We'll Find You A VA so you don't have to!

Finding a VA can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be and we are here to help. 

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I’ve been a virtual assistant for 3 years and now am the  owner of Assista – A virtual assisstant matchmaking agency.  I know hiring a virtual assistant can been life changing for one’s business. Now I am on a mission to help fellow business owners find that one virtual assistant that can transform their business. Our system is built so you don’t have to go through the unnecessary grind I’ve been through myself.

-Rachel Bolton


We'll Find You THAT VA

What do here at Assista is match you with a virtual assistant that’s suits you and your work style. We’ll find someone who’s not only good at what she/he does but also someone who’s reliable, trustworthy and worth your time.

We’ll not only connect you with the right virtual assistant but also provide you with tools and training to ensure a healthy and long lasting relationship with your VA.


We've Walked The Walk

I’ve been on both sides of the business – as a virtual assistant and business owner. Now I run the Assista agency with a team who were also once virtual assistants. We know what it takes to make a relationship between a business owner and their VAs work and we’re confident that we can help you.


We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching and we believe Trust is pivotal for our conintued success


Assista was born from our experience as a business owner and as virtual assistants and we know what it takes to make the relationship work.

One Time Payment

Our pricing is transparent. Pay only one time, and we'll go to work finding your VA and help you in coaching, training and managing.

Risk Free

We value your satisfaction and happiness. But if you think you didn't get what you pay for we'll return your money. We want our clients to be happy as much as we are to serve you.

Lost or Overwhelmed?

Have you thought of hiring a VA but you...

Don't know where to start

You've heard how a VA might help your business, but you don't know where to start.

Overwhelmed by different Job Boards

You want a VA. So you go to multiple job boards only to find out you have navigate through the different user interfaces,payment systems, messages and contract agreements.

Have doubts or questions on your VA

You realize that it takes time, effort, and research in order to hire the perfect VA for you.

Need to Check Hundreds of Applicants

Your job listing gets applicants. But then it dawns on you, you have to check each and every one of them and you have to have your own vetting process!

Stop stressing!

Leave the grind to us! Let’s discuss what you and your business needs, and we’ll handle the rest. All it takes from you is to have the right mindset (which we will coach you with), in order to have a successful and fruitful relationship with your VA.

Just Focus On What You're Good At

Having A VA Can Change Your Life!

How many hours of your day are spent on administrative tasks that could be done by someone else? How much time do you spend worrying about whether your employees are doing their jobs correctly? And how many times have you been late to a meeting, or stayed past the office hours, because you couldn’t delegate the task at hand to anyone else?

Virtual assitants help you bring back time in your life.


What Task Can You Delegate

You can delegate various tasks to your VA for your business. Among them are the following:


What Our Happy Clients Have To Say!

Assista has been a tremendous help. Rachel and her team found me a va who is super skilled and helpful for our business!
Dan Ranger
I reached out to Rachel to find me a person to do some admin stuff for my business. They were great!
Claire Stephens
Very thankful for the VA Assista has found for me! It was a huge load off our shoulders once we onboarded her into our business!
Jason Foxx
Training and Coaching

We've GoT You Covered

We’ll not only recruit or find a VA for you, but help you in the training and managing part of it. We’ve learned this is an important part of why some business owners succeed or fail with their new VAs.

As a business owner, and as someone who’s worked with VAs, we only want you and your business to succeed alongside your new hire. So if you really didn’t get any value from hiring a VA from us, we’ll 

So if you really didn’t get any value from hiring a VA from us, we’ll return your money. For us, our primary motivator is to see a budding relationship with our clients and their new VAs.

As the saying goes, we’re happy if your happy!

Ready To Welcome The Game Changer In Your Business?

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